About Us

Our Mission

Start a movement that excites youth about the ocean by creating and sharing unique ocean education content.

Our Vision

Is a rising generation that is excited about all things ocean-related.

Ocean Discovery Areas

There are three Ocean Discovery Areas that content is focused on. Each was selected because it's a topic that youth will get excited about when they learn what ocean scientists are discovering.

Ocean Conservation

The ocean covers so much of our planet, it's only right youth learn just how important it is to conserve. Today there are several threats to preserving our ocean for centuries to come. Through education, we want to be a part of the solution. 

Marine Biology

Healthy ecosystems are essential to our oceans, not to mention how much beauty there is among marine life. We chose to focus on marine biology to share the amazing creatures of the ocean with our youth.

Maritime History

The ocean tells of a vast history that is intertwined with and crucial to the history of our world. From world-changing voyages to trade routes still traveled today, the history of our oceans is deeply embedded into today's everyday life.

Our Story

It begins with a teacher who pioneered her way around the world by sailboat, camelback, and more. She lived a life that was admired by many and rivaled by none. Neverland Ocean Learning now carries on her adventurous spirit by exciting youth about the ocean.

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We're Led by Some Great People

Members of our board were carefully selected to be individuals who not only want to excite youth about the ocean, but also bring their unique experiences and talents to the table. It's through their guidance that Neverland Ocean Learning will continue to grow and thrive.

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